When is the best time to sell our home?



So when is the best time to sell your home? This is one of the most important questions that home owners can ask themselves especially considering the sale of their home may be the largest financial transaction in their lives.  I would submit to you here is the answer to that question.  Start by asking yourself great questions and then discuss you plan of action and your goals.  Here are some helpful questions to consider:


  • What is the most important thing we want to accomplish when we sell our home/property?
  • Are there any tax implications for us if and when we decide to sell?
  • Where to we plan to move after we sell our property?
  • What type of investment are we prepared to spend financially to improve our home and get it ready for the market?
  • How does this move affect our children, pets…in essence our family and do we have a plan to discuss that as well?


Most people to not sell their home because the housing market is doing amazing, most people sell their home due to a life circumstance like a transition when the kids are not longer at home, to pay off some medical bills, relocate for another job, find a larger home for their family and sometimes divorce is part of the reason.

Here is some amazing advice that I wish I could get to as many home sellers as possible……start talking with your tax adviser/CPA and our financial adviser as soon as possible. 1 year in advance would be very wise. Next, talk with at least three experienced Realtors and specifically listing agents a minimum of 6 months in advance. Most people only talk with one Realtor and that never serves them well and they miss an opportunity to work with someone who can help them with all the necessary planning that can financially benefit them in the long run.

Next….a list of great questions to ask when interviewing a financial adviser and Realtor!

Ken Manceaux
The Manceaux Real Estate Team


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